Braindead (aka Leviticus)
A series of images based on a sadomasochistic cyborg. This character was used on the Calling Ov the Dead cover/CD booklet for Velvet Acid Christ.



Sador the Sadistic
A personal mascot, this character has been around since my high school years (which, for me, were the late 80s). He spawned a number of other characters as well.
Misc Images
These are isolated images I did on a variety of subjects, mostly martial arts and comic book related images.





   About Sadistic Savior

A little bit about me.








If you are interested in liscencing any of the images on this site, please contact me at Permission is granted to copy any of these images for personal use. All characters and images on this site are copyright © 2002, Jeff Pruett (aka Sadistic Savior). Any use of these characters or images for commercial purposes is strictly forbidden.

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This is a collection of images and characters I have created over the years. Select the gallery from the menu at the top, and click on the icons in the menu at the bottom to view that image.

Most of these images were drawn on smooth bristol board in pencil, inked over, and then scanned and later retouched in photoshop. Click on the arrows in the bottom menu for additional information about each gallery.

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-S-I-T-E-   -U-P-D-A-T-E-S-

July 13th 2005

I am in the process of updating the site. My web design skills have improved quite a bit since I first put the site up and I am in the process of cleaning up what I now realize is some really sloppy coding. I am converting most of the site over to CSS, but I am keeping the frames format (sorry...I like having a fixed menu on every page). A lot of the page errors you are seeing should be going away over the next week or so.

January 21st 2005

Updated my e-mail address on the contact page finally. It hasnt been current for almost a year.

Please do not e-mail me asking for Braindead images. I'm not giving them away and they are not for sale. Go to the VAC website if you want them.

October 31st 2003

Fixed my image in the "about me" should be able to see it now.

Also added a scan of James O'Barr's version of Razor to the Misc. section. I couldnt find a link to one on the net, so I had to scan one myself. Go to the "razor" image to get to it.

October 13th 2003

"About me" link is now active and online.

October 11th 2003

Added images to the Misc. Gallery finally.

October 2nd 2003

Site redesign is rid of a lot of superfluous windows, but the ideal resolution to view this site is still 1024 x 765. But you should be able to see the images in 800 x 600 as well. The Misc gallery is still not complete, nor is the "about me" section. Hope to have both finished soon.