Sador, The Sadistic (Title Graphic)

This was the title graphic I drew originally. Essentially the story was to center around a demon and it's redemption. Lucifer created five demon lords who's sole purpose was to corrupt mankind. Each demon lord embodied negative human archtypes. Their purpose was to influence mankind in various ways and bring them over to Lucifer's side in his war against God.

Sador was an anti-hero; that is, a character with the motivations of a hero, but the methods of a villain. Anti-heros may seem kind of cliche now, but were still novel at the time I drew these pictures. There is a reason he is called "the sadistic"...although his motives are pure, his methods are at least as cruel and vicious as those of any other demon, and in some ways even moreso because of his sphere of infulence.

Sador began existence just as evil as the other four. From the beginning, his hatred for God and humanity far exceeded that of the others...hate was what he was created for after all. He found the location of the Garden of Eden, and fought his way past Boemiel, the Angel that guards it's gates. During their battle Bommiel wounded Sador with his sword. That is the source of the scar on Sador's right eye in these pictures. The wounds inflicted by the swords of angels never really heal. The Angel drove him out of the Garden, but not before Sador had reached the Tree of Knowledge and devoured some of the fruit.

The fruit changed him in spite of the fact that he was a demon. He now had awareness of good and evil, in the same way that humanity did. His hatred of humanity took another direction...towards God and Lucifer instead. He now had pity for mankind, being at the mercy of these two powers. From that point on he began a campaign of subversion in hell and on Earth through various human avatars, using his vast powers in the defense of humanity.