This was a series of images I did based on a character I created in high school called 'Sador the Sadistic'. Originally it started with just the one character, but over the years I branched out and started creating my own mythology.

Most of the mythology was based on the Christian bible. The idea centered around Lucifer's hatred of mankind. Because man was created in the image of God, Lucifer became jealous. His envy drove him to begin a war in heaven, which he lost. In hell he schemed to claim God's throne for himself through the corruption and and manipulation of mankind.

But the Devils (the new form of the fallen angels) could not leave Hell, so many of the more powerful devils created their own "offspring" in the form of Demons. The Demons acted as satanic proxies, allowing the devils to directly influence mankind on Earth. Lucifer created five demons for this purpose. Because they were created by Lucifer himself (the only Seraphim to turn against God) they were the most powerful of their kind, and held the title of "Lord" over all of the other demons and even most of the devils as well.

Each of these demon lords embodied a negative human trait, and drew energy from human beings that manifested these traits. So each of them had a stong incentive to seed these traits among human beings as widely as possible. Having no souls, demons had no concept of good or evil, and so could never really be redeemed. They were self aware but could not choose to act against their own impulses to spread evil. Sador was the lone exception, and the story was to center around his transformation from an enemy of manklind into its defender.

I drew these images over a period of several years. They were all originally drawn in pencil on bristol board, and then penned over. Recently I scanned some of them in, retouched them, and added shading via Photoshop. The shading produced a dramatic improvement over the originals, and I am very happy with the results.



Permission is granted to make copies of this artwork for personal use. All characters and images on this site are copyright © 2002, Jeff Pruett (aka Sadistic Savior). Any use of this artwork for commercial purposes is explicity forbidden. All Rights Reserved. If you are interested in liscencing these characters or artwork, please e-mail me at