Sador, The Sadistic

Lord of anger, revenge, and hate, Sador's "true" name was Xentropos. "Sador the Sadistic" was supposed to be a name given to him by various human cults on Earth.

These images depict the five demon lords at their time of creation. At this point, Sador was as thoroughly evil as the others. Unlike devils, demons have no possibility for redemption, becuase they are the products of evil. The devils, at least, were once angels. And human beings have souls (and therefore choice). Demons however are simply products of evil, and therefore had no avenue for redemption. The story was to be about the redemption of a demon. Sador's metamorphasis from an enemy of mankind into it's defender.

Of all the images I have drawn of this character (maybe even all the images I have drawn period), this one is by far my favorite, because it shows off my (now improved) basic anatomy skills. I bought a book on anatomy specifically for this image. Still far from perfect, but much improved over what I had done previously.

I kind of regret cutting the image off where I did. This image does not show Sador's cloven hooves or his tail, which were key to the appearance of the character. But the rest of it came out really nice.