Sador (1994)

Although there are some flaws in the anaotmy of this one, I always liked how it came out. In my story, Sador ends up slaying one of the more powerful devils during the first psychic war...Asaruldu, who was a sort of bodyguard to Lucifer. He makes the devil Asaruldu's skin into his armor.

The weapon he holds is actually a quasi-sentient demon he is allied with. The demon took on the permanent form of a black glaive (a sort of battle axe). The blade part isnt showing in this image because I didnt have enough room.

I didnt do many pictures of Sador in armor after this, because I wanted to improve on my anatomy (which has always been a weak spot for me). However, I am actually pretty happy with how it came out considering how long ago I did it. I will probably retouch it in the future.