Sador - Alpha (1991)

Sador started as a doodle I did in biology class in high school. The character was actually inspired by a Judas Priest song ("The Sentinel"), and his appearance was heavily influenced by Eddie, the Iron Maiden mascot.

This was one of the first "real" drawings I did of Sador that wasnt a doodle. The cat thing in the background is an old Dungeons and Dragons monster called a "displacer beast". It is basically a six-legged panther with two tenticals growing out of it's back that drip paralytic venom. The monster was the other form of the sentient demon that Sador uses as his weapon (a black glaive). Basically, it could take the form of a glaive, or it's natural form of a Displacer Beast.

I dropped that idea in later images because no one really knows what a Displacer Beast is except Dungeons and Dragons dorks. But I thought the idea of a demon in the permanent form of a weapon sounded cool, so I kept that part.