Everyone has a different idea of what Lucifer (as the Christian devil) is supposed to look like. I did some research on the net, but couldnt really find a consensus. This image is an amalgam of many of the most common traits, with a little artistic license thrown in. A little trivia...a lot of people don't know why the devil is often portrayed as a goat. The reason is because it is supposed to be a mockery to Christ (the whole "Lamb of God" thing).

The symbolism in this image is a little blatant, but it did come out looking cool. Of all the images I retouched in Photoshop, this one showed the most dramatic improvement after Aeroch.

In the story, I differentiate between demons and devils. Devils are the actual fallen angels themselves. Demons however are merely their creations. The devils are unable to leave hell, but their demon offspring can, which is why they created them. The drawback was that their power was finite; they had to take a part of their own essence to create their "offspring"...the idea being that only God can really create life. Some of the devils were willing to make the tradeoff, while others chose to retain their full power in hell.

The fallen angels are all marked by halos in their True Forms (a hold-over of their holy origins). Lucifer is the only one who wears a black halo, a symbol of his regency. There is a sort of heirarchy in hell based on which order the angels belonged to in Heaven. Lucifer, being the only Seraphim to rebel against God, is at the top.

Demons are the offspring of the devils, and have their own heirarchy based on who they were created by. The more powerful was the devil that created them, the more powerful they are in relation to the other demons. Sador and the others are referred to by the title "Lord" because they were created by Lucifer himself.