Yes, believe it or not, I can draw angels as well as demons. This is the only one I've done so far that I'm proud of, but it still needs a little work. Even so, I got the feel I wanted.

Of the three Seraphim, only Lucifer turned against God. But the other two remained loyal. This is my depiction of one of the others, Michael. Gabriel is the other one.

Angels serve as God's intermediaries...warriors and messengers. The angelic orders are generally thought of as a series of spheres. There are nine orders, ranging from Angels (the least powerful/most numerous...numbering in the millions), to the Seraphim, the most powerful (of which there were only three). The orders are, from lowest to highest: Angels, Archangels, Principalities, Virtues, Dominions, Powers, Cheribum, Thrones, and Seraphim.

All angels use swords as their weapon. The swords of angels are deadly to demons...wounds inflicted by an angel's sword never heal. Like demons and devils, angels have no soul. So if they die, they die permanently (they cease to exist). All angels have such swords, but obviously the more powerful angels have more powerful weapons.

In the story I wanted to introduce an element of moral ambiguity where angels/devils are concerned. Not all devils are absolutely evil, and not all angels are absolutely good. The Bible itself implies this; that angels in particular are subject to mistakes and temptations, much like man. The movie 'The Prophecy' was the main inspiration for my interpretation of angels.