This was the first image of the character I ever drew. My anatomy tequnique was pretty raw at this time, but emotion can sometimes make up for lack of skill (at least it does with me), and I think that came through in this image.

One of the more interesting ideas on the Cyberpunk RPG was the idea of Cyberpsychosis. That, when you start sticking implants in people on a large scale (like this), it changes them. Their personalities warp and fragment, because they lose touch with the rest of humanity. Braindead was already unstable to begin with. As can be seen from these images, the character is in the advanced stages of Cyberpsychosis.

The character was already very intelligent; due to the nature of his transformation, his intelligence expanded exponentially. The nanites had artificially enhanced the neural patterns in his brain, increasing his creativity as well as raw intelligence. With his (now) accellerated intelligence, the process of learning becomes almost trivial. He taught himself the skills necessary to effect his transformation

His hands are complete bionic replacements of the originals, and in this image it shows how modular they are. Each of the fingers was a separate instrument. While it looked really cool conceptually, they dont seem very useful or practical. So I removed them, and added a scanning/surgical laser on the side of his head in place of them in later images.

He wired his jaw shut to prevent anyone from prying his secrets from him again. His lips were peeled back in a perpetual grin so that anyone who saw him would immediately know how happy he is with his new existence. His eyelids are streched open, so that no one can take him unaware. The nanite microsurgeons have accellerated his ability to heal to such a degree that he can survive this self-mutilation; injuries that would normally kill him.