Of all the images I did of this character, this is the one people seem to like the best (although it isnt my personal favorite).

Those things in his head are basically computer ports. In the Cyberpunk RPG, "netrunners" would connect to the net via a neural interface...which provided the ultimate 3D experience. Instead of looking at a 2D computer screen, all of your senses would be completely submerged in the experience...programs taking on interavtive 3D icons, and users taking on 3D avatars.

His "hair" is actually a bunch of cables he uses to interface with various machines; they are used for more than just running the net. They can be used to control machines and computer networks on a wide scale. The fact that it also looks like dreadlocks is coincidental.

He does see himself as a sort of diety. There are many people in the world that are like what he used to be...greedy, amoral, ect..he wants to help them reach the same epiphany that he himself has. Mutilating them isnt "revenge" from his view. It is therapy.